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A 25 Page eBook, and 13 clinic videos from Coach Patrick Taylor

open Grass reads
Coach Patrick Taylor has completed the perfect complement to Coach Hal Mumme's Air Raid System - 'Open Grass Reads: Cognitive Training the Air Raid Quarterback'.

This 25 page eBook details:

* The pre and post-snap priorities for your quarterback.

* How to identify coverages from a 4-3 look including cover 2, 3, 4, 0, and 1.

* A sequence of drills so your QB can detect disguised coverages.

* Cognitive visual learning (pre-snap) to visual reaction after the snap.

* What a QB must do in his three second window within the Air Raid Offense.

* Hands on actual video of different coverages so that your QB can learn the proper sequence of decisions.

An Air Raid Offense disciple, Coach Patrick is currently the offensive coordinator for North Surry High School in Mount Airy, North Carolina. You don't want to miss this detailed account of the training necessary to maximize the success of your quarterback in the Air Raid offense.

"Coach Pat Taylor as the offensive coordinator at North Surrey High School has on the field experience in running the Air Raid Offense and has helped turn around their program. His e-book, 'Open Grass Reads' is a must read for any coach interested in the Air Raid Offense. He captures the essence of the teaching that makes this offense so effective. It's a great book for teaching quarterbacks."

-Hal Mumme
-Head Coach
-Belhaven University
and Creator of the Air Raid Offense

"The Air Raid System gave our program the access and resources we needed to truly understand and implement the offense into our program. Coach Mumme is always willing to help with questions and to bounces ideas. Running the Air Raid we won a conference title and had two back to back 3rd round play-off berths averaging over 34 ppg at small rural school in NC. Coach Mumme’s program was a more affordable option than the other “packaged” options available and gives you access to the master. If you want to “throw the ball for a living” then the Air Raid System is the best investment you can make for your program."
~George Coltharp, Jr.
Head Football Coach, Red Springs High School, NC


1.Mesh Teach /Shallow Teach: Is a comprehensive video that shows these two concepts broken down for teaching open grass reads. Indentify Coverage, What is Rhythm Route, What Grass is Coverage Giving, Do I have a blitz? These videos give the idea behind the slow process and fast process needed from the quarterback to execute these plays proficiently.

3 RPO Elkin This video shows clips of our zone/stick concept executed correctly.

4 RPO East. This video shows the Zone/Stick Concept executed with a Tag to the slot receiver. Giving the Qb freedom to audible routes to create a big play.

5 RPO ASHE: This video shows the ability to use a dual threat quarterback with freedom to create a triple option attack.

6 Early Summer Audibles: This video shows examples of allowing your quarterback freedom with the "6" play during Summer 7 on 7

7 Reid 6 Audible, 8 Colton Audible, 9 Audibles, 10 Audible, 11 11 Audible : The audible clips will show how we took the freedom in the early 7 on 7's during the Summer, and how they show up during the season. This is our teaching being brought to light.

12 Acord Freedom, 13 Chandler Freedom: These clips show how we give our quarterbacks and wide receivers freedom on our "6" concept. The receivers have one question, When am I open? The Quarterback can look at the coverage and call a concept or divide the routes. These are clips of our open grass read teaching in action.
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